We're one little company, throwing our pebble in a large pond, hoping to make a ripple of positive change for independent restaurant owners and food businesses. 


We believe in helping independent restaurants build a great business. DineXpert combines the purchasing power across many independent restaurants so we can negotiate better pricing on quality local products and services locally.

We started DineXpert to level the playing field for independent restaurants, bars, catering companies and other local foodservice operators and allow them to better compete with larger, national chain restaurants.  



Wendy and Katharine are the co-founders of DineXpert, after spending many years working together in the corporate world.

Wendy spent most of her career working in sales, marketing and business management.  In 2012, she stepped off the corporate path and moved back to Salt Lake City, Utah to join her brother Scott in the restaurant world as an investor and co-owner of the Pago Restaurant Group.  

After seeing the challenges of managing such a wide variety of functions and the tight margins of independent restaurants, Wendy became convinced there had to be a way to bring better pricing and streamlined business tools to independents.

Wendy shared her vision with her former colleague, Katharine, previously a corporate business leader who also shares a love of food and wine, and they decided to work together to bring this vision to life.

Co-founders of DineXpert Wendy (left), Katharine (right)

Co-founders of DineXpert Wendy (left), Katharine (right)