Building a Community for Independent Restaurants 

The average independent restaurant earns profit margins in the low single digits.  Many factors impact this number, but managing the cost of food and supplies is a big one, especially since it's typically the biggest expense outside of labor.  We partner with independents to provide fair and consistent pricing for your food and supplies, many from local providers. 

What is group buying?

Group buying is combining the buying power of many individual companies under one umbrella group. That means purchasing power is larger and the umbrella group can get volume pricing and discounts, and pass that along to the individual members. Many national restaurant groups have specialized group buying organizations that purchase food and supplies in bulk to reduce their costs, and some chains control the distribution process to reduce costs further.  Buying groups have been a standard in many industries for decades - from healthcare to senior living to education to hospitality and food services.  However, there are fewer buying groups focus on the independent restaurant, bar and catering segment and meet the needs of independents that want to source high-quality goods from local providers.  We want to change that and provide more buying power to the independents and more business for local suppliers!

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