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We believe the future of food is local. 

We're on a mission to connect more local suppliers with local buyers and help you bring a quality and authentic experience to your diners. 

Eliminate the middle-man
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Did you know that the average fruit or vegetable consumed in the US travels more than 1,500 miles to reach its destination? The US food supply chain was once fueled by connections between local farmers and artisans and local buyers, but that changed radically during the postwar era.


The increased use of pesticides and genetically modified crops, the consolidation of farms, and the rise of manufactured food products created a similarly mass-produced supply-chain.  Most of the food purchased today comes from a mega-farm or factory, sent through multiple layers of processors, brokers and packers, and delivered by a large national broadline distributor.   


However, local is staging a comeback as consumers and local buyers shift away from this complicated, mass-produced and expensive system.  Market data shows that independent, local restaurants are growing faster than chains and consumers are increasingly passionate about the food experience - from how it tastes, to where they eat, and where the ingredients come from.   


Dinexpert is doing our part to build a local future for food. 

DineXpert connects restaurants, bars, caterers, and foodservice to local suppliers.