our story

Wendy spent most of her career in the classified business, building local marketplaces for cars, houses, apartments and jobs, before moving back to Salt Lake City, Utah to join her brother Scott in the restaurant world as co-owner of the Pago Restaurant Group.  


As the Pago Group grew from two restaurants to five restaurants, Wendy started looking for ways to leverage the growing volume of the group for better pricing and continue to buy more local products from local providers - two seemingly opposing goals. 

After months talking to foodservice broadliners, restaurant consultants, and national buying groups, she was frustrated that so much of the industry was focused on national restaurant chains, institutional foodservice and large food manufacturers.  Wendy became convinced there had to be a way to reimagine the wholesale food supply-chain from a local perspective.

Wendy shared her vision with her former colleague, Katharine, previously a corporate business leader who also shares a love of food and wine, and they decided to work together to bring this vision to life.

DineXpert connects restaurants, bars, caterers, and foodservice to local suppliers.