We work with local distributors and purveyors to provide a wide range of products and services, from produce to center of plate to dry goods to cleaning products. 



farmers market fresh food
  • Whole fresh fruits and vegetables - lettuce and greens, micros/ herbs/ flowers, potato and roots, vegetables, mushrooms, whole fruit and more, including a wide selection of organic items, and seasonal items from local farms

  • Center-of-plate items - bacon, burgers, certified angus beef, sustainably and humanely raised beef, pork and lamb, and a range of custom cuts and grinds

  • Poultry selections available refrigerated or frozen, including free-range, organic, pasture-raised poultry

  • Best-of-the-catch seafood from unique varieties of whole fish to select fillet cuts and seasonal choices, including local trout to shrimp, cod, tuna, salmon and more

  • Dairy products, including cage-free and organic products, from eggs, milk, cream, cottage cheese, sour cream, butter, ice cream and more

  • Bakery goods from artisan breads and rolls, pastries, english muffins, cookies, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and other desserts, including a selection of dry/mixable ingredients, raw, and par-baked items, as well as fresh local bread delivery

  • Premium teas and local coffee

  • Prepped fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices

  • European imports for cheese, meat and seafood, pastry and specialty items

  • Pantry ingredients, including flours, soup bases and spices

  • Deli favorites, including prepared meats and cheeses

  • Fry shortenings, oils, pan coatings and liquid butter alternatives

  • Food-safe disposable goods from aluminum foil to napkins and flatware, including eco-friendly products & packaging

  • Paper goods, including tissue, paper towels, bath tissue, napkins and facial tissue

  • Dish machines and chemicals - from dishwashing soap to sanitation to janitorial and cleaning products and supplies

  • Table linens, uniforms, and mats services, including environmentally responsible wash and care